There Is A Solution To Preventing Cellular Aging

A healthy body starts with the health of its each single cells. What you feed your cells with determine the overall health and wellbeing and will have a dramatic impact as you grow older.

However, your cells are continually damaged by daily environmental exposure, stress or even through food that generates free radicals. The free radicals are bad for your body and causes our cells to weaken and mulfunction, further causing inflamantory responses that may contribute to cellular aging.


Dont Worry There Is a Solution To Preventing Cellular Aging.

Resveratrol and Polyphenols have been shown to neutralize toxic free-radicals to slow down the aging process at the cellular level. Polyphenols are a group of phytochemicals found in plants and fruits, giving them colors while protecting them from disease. In fact, emerging research suggest that reverastrol and polyphenol may delay the aging process and lead to a longer, healthier life span. There Is A Solution To Preventing Cellular Aging

The Power Of Polyphenols

ho vivix works

How VIVIX Works Towards Our Body

Our bodies are made up from cells that build with billion of tissue, then its build muscle and organ. Likewise with blood, built of billions of red blood cells, white blood cells, and so on. Said cells in our body are replaced over 300 billion per day and 200 million per minute.

Cells and abnormal cells are damaged and repaired if left untreated will cause it to spread and become more severe. This is a result of chronic diseases such as various cancers, kidney damage, heart and more.

Thus the creation of a solution Vivix is ​​new and modern, but still retains three key features, namely Natural, Effective and Safe. Shaklee the only company that managed to highlight the results of the study and creation of this breakthrough.

Vivix able to act up to cellular systems of human body cells. It happened through 4 ways of acting :

#1 Repair and protect cells

Vivix best function is to repair and protect cells from damage by free radicals. does not mean that we got broken cell directly if we take Vivix, but the damage was slowed and may be protected by resveratrol and polyphenols high in Vivix. Believe it or not, but this is a function that is not available in Vivix supplements.

#2 To Maintain and Control The Genetic

Control contribute to the genetic deterioration (deterioration) aged cells. In a major breakthrough in clinical trials to date, showing Vivix ingredients activate the genetic regulators that help delay cellular aging stage.

There Is A Solution To Preventing Cellular Aging

#3 To Provide Energy To The Cells (mitochondria)

Another great action Vivix is ​​called mitochondria or energy generator to the cells. Mitochondria affect the performance of the cell. If the mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell performance will also shorten the life of the cell. Vivix ingredients promote biogenesis (new formation) to increase the energy in the mitochondria of cells.

4 Increase The Performance Of The Cells and Slow The Production of Protein AGE

AGE (Advanced Glycation End products) is the end result of the material processed by the cells of the body. It is very dangerous and can cause damage at the cellular level. AGE can cause damage to the cells and systems of the human body. It can cause the root cause of many chronic diseases if left without protection.

Vivix contains 10 times more patent Resveratrol is able to slow down the accumulation of AGE protein in human cells.

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There Is A Solution To Preventing Cellular Aging

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